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Random Updates - Wedding Brain Edition

April 28th, 2016 at 01:52 pm

There's so many things happening right now that I'm finding it hard to keep track. Between my regular job, the second project I'm helping on, the final wedding details, and upping the workouts in a last ditch effort to be semi-toned, I have zero free time. Over the weekend, I'm really going to try and meal prep as we have a ton of food, but haven't been cooking. Last night, we went out to eat. At least, I'm eating healthier when we eat out.

DF and I are doing a choreographed dance. We started learning it awhile back, but started slacking on it this past month. With only 3 weeks from this Saturday, we've really got to pick it up. The problem we're having is with rehearsal space. Last night, we practiced in a basketball court, but it's definitely not the same with shoe grip and surface. I'm looking into community spaces, but those are $60/hr. Granted, we didn't do dance lessons, but we're really trying to minimize extra costs at this point. I'm also looking into a gym. I guess worse case, we could sign up for 3 different one week free passes (there's lots of gyms in our area) and use their studio space.

My boss (who is attending the wedding) very generously offered to decorate for us the day of the wedding, so I was able to apply the $150 we were going to pay the venue to do it to the kitchen fees instead. We'll stay have another $500 or so to pay for kitchen fees, but I won't know that until we have our final catering bill.

My venue coordinator has gotten a lot more friendly the closer the wedding gets. She's been very helpful as of late. I've started booking our appointments for when we get out to AZ. It's looking like Wednesday will be Phoenix area vendor meetings while Thursday will be Sedona area vendor meetings. Friday, I'll review everything once more with my venue coordinator and then let go and hope everything goes smoothly on Saturday.

Debt-wise, I got one credit card under 300. The Chase Freedom I'm going to try and decrease by 50. The Marriott card is paid in full each month. They also just increased my limit, so while I think we're fine money-wise, it is nice to know that we could potentially put last-minute expenses on the card and have one more month to come up with the money. My score is creeping slowly back up to 700 and I'm hoping to be above 720 when we look to buy next year.

1 month out

April 21st, 2016 at 01:26 pm

One month from today (and a few hours...), I'll be married! If there was one thing I could do over again, I'd do more research on the venue. We fell in love quickly and it seemed like a great deal (and for Sedona, it actually is), but that alone is 1/3 of our total ridiculous cost. We finished paying the balance yesterday, but still have the kitchen fees. The money is in my account for the DJ, so we should be sending that check off soon. The photographer and caterer will be paid off in the next two weeks.

In the midst of all this, I found out that my mom is having deeper financial issues than I thought and will likely have to pursue bankruptcy. It's unfortunate, but maybe being forced to face her issues head on will help her.

I bought 12 gold pictures frames from Dollar Tree yesterday for decor signs. I'll just print them out and put them in the frames. I started on the votive holders, but have only done 12 so far. I should be able to make some decent progress over the weekend. Also, I found out the post office stinks. We've been reaching out to the non-RSVPers and it turns out that at least 2 did RSVP yes like a month ago and we just never got them. Glad I reached out because I actually had thought these two would be declines.

Why is time passing so quickly?

April 18th, 2016 at 01:30 pm

I feel like I blinked and the weeekend was over. We're practically down to 30 days!

FH had his bachelor party this weekend. He had a great time paintballing and going out with his buddies. Sunday, we had a photo shoot. It's way too late to call them engagement photos, so it was more just for fun. We brought our dogs to a local park. After we did a bunch of photos with them, my brother took them home and we did some more shots with just FH and I. I'm so excited to get them back. Some of my favorite moments were playing with bubbles on a big green hill, making heart shadows, and sitting out on the pier while our photographer shot from the other side.

RSVPs were due Friday and we still have about 30 outstanding. I'm going to assume most of those are declines since it's a destination wedding, and I'd hope that if they were planning to come, they'd have made arrangements by now. However, we still have to track everyone down, so our numbers are accurate. I'm giving it until Tuesday evening in case people sent theirs out Friday or even Saturday.

I brought my dress in to an independent seamstress for the bustle. I also bought my reception dress and orange petticoat since the dress needs to be let out, and the petticoat needs to be taken in. Total for all 3 was $91. I really wish I had just taken my dress to her from the get-go. She was so sweet, and there was another wedding dress hanging in her shop the first time I visited, but I was just really hesitant to trust the structural alterations to someone who wasn't specifically a bridal gown tailor.

My goal for the next few weeks is to get everything as ready as possible, so I can relax and enjoy my wedding week. Only 5 more Saturdays to go!!

Bachelorette Party, Wedding Payments, and Stress

April 4th, 2016 at 03:14 pm

My bachelorette party was amazing. I was wrong about the house-selling party, but it was more than a chill night in. They had a lingerie shower planned. Saturday was indeed a winery tour and a night out in the city, but they actually booked a hotel room downtown so we didn't have to worry about travel. They also surprised me with yoga pants with all of our titles. It was an absolutely amazing weekend, and I'm so grateful for those women.

DF should have between 3 and 4k this month which should cover the majority of our remaining payments. This is a huge sigh of relief since it puts us ahead of our remaining wedding payments schedule.

Someone pointed out that I get married next month, and now I'm trying not to freak out. I still have several little small details to figure out as well as 72 votive holders to decorate. Guys should all have their orders in in the next week or two. I got my dress back yesterday, but I need to take it to someone else for the cups and bustle. We need to write vows and finalize ceremony details. I hope everything turns out okay.