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Bye Bouncer

December 13th, 2017 at 12:42 pm

This is a difficult post to write. DD1 (dog, not daughter) has always been super needy. Sometimes we'd mess with him by saying 'Bye Bouncer' and he'd get all spazzy and cuddly. Unfortunately, this past Friday, we said it for real. Starting early last week, he started throwing up everything that he ate. I took him in to the vet on Monday hoping he just needed a medicine refill. Nope, the tumor had come back again - 2 actually - and was in a spot that was difficult to operate and causing him a lot of discomfort. He said it was about time to have the 'conversation'. Since DH was out of town and would be back Wed., I asked the vet to get us through the week and we'd put him down on Friday. He had an amazing week filled with delicious food, a dog party, and lots of love, cuddles, and fetch.

It was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I'll miss that dog so freaking much. The house feels empty and DD2 seems lonely, but we'll get through it.

In finance-related news, the CC we normally use is way high, but with DH's recent work, we're still managing to pay it off in full. This month is $2300 (I normally only charge about $300 each month) which I have $1500 already set aside. DH gets an extra paycheck this month and my brother is planning a few big payments to catch up what he owes, so hopefully things will level out soon.