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Random Updates - Wedding Brain Edition

April 28th, 2016 at 06:52 am

There's so many things happening right now that I'm finding it hard to keep track. Between my regular job, the second project I'm helping on, the final wedding details, and upping the workouts in a last ditch effort to be semi-toned, I have zero free time. Over the weekend, I'm really going to try and meal prep as we have a ton of food, but haven't been cooking. Last night, we went out to eat. At least, I'm eating healthier when we eat out.

DF and I are doing a choreographed dance. We started learning it awhile back, but started slacking on it this past month. With only 3 weeks from this Saturday, we've really got to pick it up. The problem we're having is with rehearsal space. Last night, we practiced in a basketball court, but it's definitely not the same with shoe grip and surface. I'm looking into community spaces, but those are $60/hr. Granted, we didn't do dance lessons, but we're really trying to minimize extra costs at this point. I'm also looking into a gym. I guess worse case, we could sign up for 3 different one week free passes (there's lots of gyms in our area) and use their studio space.

My boss (who is attending the wedding) very generously offered to decorate for us the day of the wedding, so I was able to apply the $150 we were going to pay the venue to do it to the kitchen fees instead. We'll stay have another $500 or so to pay for kitchen fees, but I won't know that until we have our final catering bill.

My venue coordinator has gotten a lot more friendly the closer the wedding gets. She's been very helpful as of late. I've started booking our appointments for when we get out to AZ. It's looking like Wednesday will be Phoenix area vendor meetings while Thursday will be Sedona area vendor meetings. Friday, I'll review everything once more with my venue coordinator and then let go and hope everything goes smoothly on Saturday.

Debt-wise, I got one credit card under 300. The Chase Freedom I'm going to try and decrease by 50. The Marriott card is paid in full each month. They also just increased my limit, so while I think we're fine money-wise, it is nice to know that we could potentially put last-minute expenses on the card and have one more month to come up with the money. My score is creeping slowly back up to 700 and I'm hoping to be above 720 when we look to buy next year.

2 Responses to “Random Updates - Wedding Brain Edition”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    You have been doing so well to be able to nearly cashflow everything for the wedding!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I know what you mean about wedding brain! I had to focus just on getting through each day at work and the final details of the wedding (plus the house stuff ...) and kind of let go of the eating well/exercising part ...

    You're getting close!

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