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Upcoming Oncologist Appt. and Other Pet Happenings

October 27th, 2017 at 12:29 pm

So, it came back as soft-tissue osteosarcoma. Next week, we'll take DD1 (dog, not kid) in for an oncologist consult. We're 90% sure that we don't want to put him through chemo, given that he's currently acting like a puppy again. I am open to homeopathic options though and hope to get some advice regarding supplements/diets we can implement to hopefully give him more time.

Our adventure day is planned for 11/12. We already are planning for a happy meal, doggy ice cream, and some toys. I purchased the toys yesterday. Anyone else have any fun, frugal bucket list ideas for a dog?

Really sad news

October 19th, 2017 at 11:36 am

The wedding weekend was a lot of fun and pretty low-spend. Our return, however, coincided with some sad/bad news. Another lump appeared on DD1. They removed another vertebrae, and we're waiting on the pathology. While he's running around like a pup now, it's likely the cancer's spread and will crop again. The prognosis for osteosarcoma in dogs (particularly when part of the axial skeleton) is very poor. We're taking it really hard, as I raised this dog from a puppy, and he's finally accepted DH and they're best buds.

We're trying to remain positive, but at this point in time, our focus has shifted to making sure he's happy and comfortable and making memories with him. We have two originally unplanned expenses that we will accommodate for this: the first is a photo session. We want to do some pictures with just him and us while he's currently healthy and happy. I'm trying to set that up for early November before it gets too cold. The second is one of those photo keepsakes that's a picture on one side and a cast of the paw print on the other side. I'd been wanting to do that for awhile now, so we will finally get around to it. I did enter an online contest to win one that draws on the 25th, so if I haven't heard anything by the 31st, I'll just buy it myself. I got really upset reading all the comments as those were about dogs who were 12, 13, 14 years old. My dog is's so unfair sometimes.

The total cost will probably be under $100. I'm hoping it'll help us cope with the thought of losing him.

Mini-Vacation Prep

October 2nd, 2017 at 01:58 pm

This weekend was pretty busy and spendy since we were getting ready to leave. We spent $160 in groceries/gifts/shoes and $60 in dress alterations. $60 of that $160 was spent on DH's goddaughter's 1st birthday gifts, and $10 was for a pair of flats for the upcoming wedding. I also placed a Zaycon Fresh order for chicken breasts. With a credit I had, it came out to $1.30/lb for 40 lbs. We are missing his goddaughter's birthday party, so we went down to see her yesterday. She's grown so much and is such a happy baby.

When we got back, I got hit with a wave of productivity. I made a giant pot of crockpot taco chicken, banana nut muffins, 2 sandwiches for DH and my brother's lunches today, and washed a load of dishes.

Today, after DH and I's workout, I need to get Tide Pods and bagels from Costco, pick up cat litter from PetSmart, and get my dress from the tailor's.

At home, I need to make pizza bake, chicken/broccoli alfredo bake, shape hamburger patties, and hard boil eggs. That should leave the house pretty well stocked while I'm gone. I also need to pack my and DH's clothes, and we need to switch cars.

I'm going to make a sandwich for the road tomorrow, and I bought an energy drink and orange slices when we went grocery shopping for my road snacks. I'm hoping to be able to make the drive to Boston with only paying for gas.