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And 2020 keeps rolling

June 12th, 2020 at 08:02 pm

My son has been back at daycare for 3 weeks now, and so far, it's been okay. We've started talking about transitioning him to the Toddler room which of course sparked our own discussions about all of his other transitions. Given that we'd like to have the nursery ready and are keeping it mostly as is furniture-wise, he'll be switching to his big kid room and a toddler bed at the same time. And then there's the obvious adjustment of new baby. All of these will happen in a 2-3 month time frame, and I'm a bit worried for how he'll adjust. We're remaining optimistic, but are definitely staying flexible if he isn't ready for some of these yet.

The pup is scheduled for his neuter and microchip next week. It looks like we way over-budgeted for that which is completely fine since we can reallocate to either debt payments or nursery/baby prep. I'm hoping that by doing it a bit earlier, he'll be healed and hopefully, somewhat calmer, by the time new baby arrives.

Last big news is that I finally got word of my salary increase for my promotion. I was really hoping to hit 6 figures even though it would have been a huge jump. I did get pretty close. My new salary moving forward is just shy of 6 figures and when all the other benefits are considered, total compensation is above that. For someone whose parents never cleared 50k, it seems like a huge amount of money. I'm far from perfect, but I hope to keep making small strides in the right direction to create a better future for my kids.