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5k, Dietbet, and DH's work trip

June 29th, 2017 at 12:44 pm

The 5k was Tuesday night. That was my first time doing one. I didn't run the whole thing, and I'm a little disappointed that I didn't pay closer attention to the time. I came in at 40.59, but had I known I was that close, I would have pushed harder to come in under 40. I wasn't even sore the next day, so I know that wasn't my best. DH did well. Considering it had been a week and a half since he'd last run due to an ankle injury, he finished in 27.01. His time combined with the 2 other males who finished after him for our team won my company 3rd place in the male team category.

I'm just half a pound from goal which is right on target for the July 9th weigh-in. We have 2 kickball games tonight (plus I'm running before) and a full day walking around an amusement park tomorrow, so I should hit it early next week and will start pushing on to the next goal.

DH got asked yesterday to work on an out-of-town assignment, so he will be headed to NC for a month starting the 10th. Since he will be working 10-12 hour days and getting per diem, he's decided to take next Monday and Wednesday off to spend some time with me before going. Since we're trying to be frugal, we will likely just go to a local park and play Pokemon.

Meal Prep, Car Repair and a Busy Week Ahead

June 26th, 2017 at 12:34 pm

It was a very relaxing weekend. I didn't win the parking pass, but it's okay. We actually have a garage and I do early enough hours that I get a decent spot. The coveted spot was in the secure part of the garage that requires a fob to access it and the door to that garage opens right in front of the office building. Plus, that spot was guaranteed, but ah well...

I bought about $50 worth of groceries over the weekend and did some meal prep yesterday. I hard-boiled a dozen eggs for snacks and salads, used up the last of the potatoes, made our sandwiches for lunch today, and planned the remainder of the week.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, we have commitments which will require us to be out (the work 5k and 2 nights of kickball). The meals for the rest of the week are as follows:

Tonight: Homemade subs with a side of veggies or fruit
Tomorrow: Either...leftover burgers or food at the race (they're going to have bbq style food and it's all for a good cause)
Wednesday: Frozen pizza or burritos
Thursday: Frozen pizza or burritos (whatever we didn't eat the night before)
Friday: Hot dogs with side salads

My Zaycon Fresh chicken comes in tomorrow evening, so I'll have to also make time to process that over the next few days. We'll also grill up a batch for grilled chicken salad lunches the second half of the week.

My car ended up coming out to $660ish. They replaced the battery, did transmission and coolant flushes, and since they're due next month, performed inspection and emissions. They called after doing the battery and said they could hear the noise, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. However, the flushes must have done the trick because it's gone. While it sucks to spend that much, my car is now up to date on maintenance and driving like normal.

One last thing...DH and I decided to play hooky from work on Friday and have an us day. With all the overtime he's been working, we hardly see each other. An amusement park not too far from us has free military admission for the July 4th celebrations. While my ticket will still cost money, we can get it using the military discount. We will plan to eat a hearty breakfast and bring sandwiches to store in the car to minimize eating in the park. (We can't bring them in, but there are picnic tables in the parking lot.) The ticket for me will be about $40 with tax. Hoping to keep the total day's spending under $60 (not including gas/parking).

Work Fundraiser, Food, and More

June 23rd, 2017 at 11:52 am

Today my office is doing a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I'm donating $10 in addition to the $10 I've already 'donated' to the office raffles. It's all a good cause and one of the raffle prizes is a covered parking spot (the heat gets a little brutal here).

Last night, I finally got back to cooking. Our weekdays have been so hectic that I didn't make DH's lunch twice this week. I've also been putting off using up the rice, veggie, and fruit tray leftovers from our Father's Day bbq. Last night, I threw all the veggies and some chopped up jalapeno sausage into a sort of gumbo/soup dish. It actually turned out really yummy. I'm going to use the fruit to make smoothies tomorrow morning. I want to start prepping on the weekends again because that makes the week go a lot smoother.

I made a $275 payment to my Capital One Card yesterday. I have another $175 or so to add to that today that I need to put into the bank.

I also have to take my car into the shop tonight to be worked on tomorrow. I'm at 90k miles. It's making a grinding noise that originally only happened when I first accelerated and was hardly noticeable, but has gotten considerably worse (both louder and more frequent). I really hope it's not a super expensive fix.

General Happenings

June 20th, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Just checking in. Things are still rolling along. I won't be able to pay off the loan as I was planning to this month. Instead, all extra money went to paying down the credit card that we used for the vet visit in order to avoid interest. It will be paid off next month though.

I transferred a few small amounts over to savings, so it's right under $200 now. It's very slow progress, but I'm hopeful that these are steps in the right direction.

I'm actively studying for my certification. I'm not sure if I ever clarified. Getting this won't change my career situation right now, but having it opens opportunities in the future. My manager ended up fronting me the money for the materials since he really wants to see me get it as well.

The dietbet is also still going. I was 1 lb. away from Round 2's goal, but this weekend both DH and I indulged more than we should. We're both 2-3 lbs. away and there's 3 weeks left, so plenty of time to reset.