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Unexpected Expenses (and an impulsive one...)

May 1st, 2014 at 01:19 pm

So I just posted my updated

Text is April and Link is
April numbers. I think part of the reason I end up so far over is that little things keep coming up. For instance, with these two new jobs I've taken, I'm going to have to shell out some upfront money that I wasn't expecting. For the Polynesian gig, it's not too bad. I bought two practice pareos (12 each) and need to get some additional costume attire, but I'm not sure of the cost yet (one piece was 4 bucks). The cheerleading job is a little pricier. For the new hire packet alone, I have to get fingerprints, a background check, have a document notarized, and take 3 courses. I found a place that does free fingerprinting and apparently, I just have to turn in the whole hiring packet and the office will mail out the background check and everything else to where it needs to go, so I just have the cost of the notary and classes. Two are free (one being a CPR course which is great since I've been wanting to get certified...), but the third is $75 out of pocket. The good news is that this is reimbursed; the bad news is that it's not reimbursed until the end of the fall season.

As for the impulsive purchase...I will say that I paid cash for it. I went running last weekend and by the end of my 3 mile run, my knee was in a ton of pain. I needed a low impact way to get regular exercise, so I stopped in at a bike shop on the way home. They were $300-500 bikes. Now I really want a new way to commute to work (4 miles) without stressing my joints or taking more than an hour, but I really DON'T want to pay $300 for said way. So I checked Craigslist. Lo and behold, they had a decent Schwinn bike for $60. I do have to clean up some slight rust on it since it's been sitting in storage and never used. I also need a new seat because the one on it is a little too tall even with lowering it all the way, but even $100 is better than $300. I was willing to take the slight hit in my debt payoff plan because it'll save me on gas this summer.

Have you had any unexpected costs or impulsive purchases recently?

(One more side note, I felt really guilty after the impulse purchase, so I've started a 30 day want list - I had two things on there that I decided I didn't need already...)