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(Very) Tentative Planning

December 27th, 2018 at 05:34 am

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I was managing fairly well until I went to sit at the table and couldn't decide whether to sit at the head of the table (DH's normal spot) or leave his chair open and sit next to it. Once the floodgates opened, it was difficult to stop. DH was able to sort of participate though. He was off, so he Skyped in and watched us open gifts. We were able to broadcast him up on our TV and get all 8 of us into the camera view for him to see everything. My MIL also does small prize bags, but she forgot games this year. So we had DH host Christmas trivia. In all, it turned out okay, but certainly didn't feel as happy as a normal Christmas. FIL and I did bond over how much we miss him though.

In regards to the planning, DH got his first pay statement. He said future ones may be a little less, but we're not entirely sure since he was still charged life insurance, and overseas should have some additional pay things in there. I was expecting around 3k/mo (his civilian job brings home 2k). It looks like it is more likely going to be 3.5-4k.

I've made a list of 2019 goals and think we can hit most (if not all of them):

Debt Payoff - 6 debts in the following order: NavyFed Loan ($975), Chase Slate CC ($1044), Dept of Ed Student Loan 3 ($1490), Chase Freedom CC ($3060), Chase Marriott ($1890), UAS Student Loan ($2540); NOTE: There's no real rhyme or reason to these other than some are my highest interest debts and others are low-hanging fruit to free up monthly cash flow and feel like I'm making progress. I anticipate paying the NavyFed loan off in Jan to free up the $200 monthly payment, but all other debt payoffs will wait until after baby is born, so we can stockpile money. It'll be assigned to the right categories in YNAB, but I'll be holding on to all the cash until we know things are okay.

Savings Goals - These are a little more fluid. I will definitely put aside money to the first 3. The others are projects that I hope we can at least start to save up for: EF (Currently at $1000, would like to add $300/mo to start building it up. We will also have a one-month buffer in place starting in Jan.); Car Replacement ($500/mo); Disney Trip ($500/mo); Fireplace (Need $800); Backyard Landscaping (Need $2k); Hot Tub Repair (Need $650)

Even though I hate being apart, I'm hoping to make it count and make some real progress towards more stable financial footings.

In the first few days of the new year, I'm going to fresh start YNAB zeroing out all categories and living off last month's income (which will actually be pretty meager since DH wasn't getting paychecks). I'll lay out all remaining debts and a full financial picture.

4 Responses to “(Very) Tentative Planning”

  1. MumbaiAbout Says:

    Great to see you had a nice Christmas. Wish all your debts are cleared and you come up with nice savings in the new year.


  2. creditcardfree Says:

    We made so much financial progress both times my husband was deployed. It's the definite side benefit to deployment. Holiday's are definitely hard without your spouse. What a blessing it is now that we have Skype and can stay in more contact. Just think about WWII, or Vietnam...rarely any communication.

    January is likely to be a great month to hunker down and spend less since you are on last month's income. So once you pay off that first loan are you ear marking the funds for debt payoff in YNAB. So that it is sitting there when you are ready to pay them? I ask only so that the money doesn't get lost while you wait for the baby. When is your baby due?

  3. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    CCF, they will be marked to the right debts. Fingers crossed that we have a smooth delivery in April (due the 10th),and then in May, I'll send it all off and celebrate that and my 3rd wedding anniversary with the new Aladdin movie.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm glad you were able to Skype with your DH. I Facetimed with my brother and other CA family for a few minutes which was nice.

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