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Wedding-Related Expenses

September 22nd, 2017 at 11:42 am

We had a case of trigger fingers this week that was a mistake. DH mentioned that our mini-vacation wasn't sitting well with him because he had a test the following week and didn't want to miss his class. One of the other options we'd discussed was him flying in Friday morning, so I looked up flights. One way to Boston was under $150 with taxes and fees, so I told him that was an option. He said he'd feel better being able to go to class, and since there were only 3 seats left, I went ahead and bought his ticket.

I was really bummed the next several hours because I'd been looking forward to some time with him, and now it was gone.

Fast forward to yesterday, DH texts me that he messed up bad and feels really ashamed. After some prompting, he explained that he hadn't really looked at the syllabus, and his test wasn't until the end of October. Essentially, he could have skipped class and come up with me after all. I told him what's done is done and let it go.

Looking at the plane fare, they'd take a $100 fee and refund the remainder in the form of credit. Since we rarely fly, it's better for him to stick with flying up.

He can only miss 5 classes in the entire school year, and he'll for sure miss at least 2 with drill weekends, so this is one less class he'll miss. And now, he won't have to use all his leave during one week. I'm bummed, but I also took some responsibility as I should have made him double check his schedule before committing to the ticket.

I suspect it'll end up about the same budget-wise, as I now won't be out and about during my extra days up there. I volunteered my assistance with any last-minute wedding prep, and if my friend can play hooky, we'll still go hiking. Otherwise, the new plan is to spend those days focusing on my certification studies.

The other wedding-related expenses that popped up this week are alterations and shoes. I need to find a pair of champagne flats and take in my dress since I lost weight. Technically, it fits now, but it's very obvious that I lost weight since it hangs off me. I need to get the straps taken in and have it taken it a bit at the waist. For the shoes, I'm going to ask my friend that I'm staying with what she has available for me to borrow. If that doesn't work, I'll just get a cheap pair from Amazon or DSW.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Those things happen.

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