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CC, Dietbet, and Food Updates

September 11th, 2017 at 11:40 am

We made an $1835 payment to the card, so the remaining amount we need to pay by the 20th to pay it in full is 1068.94. DH gets his last reimbursement this Friday, so that will go towards it, and we'll pay the rest of our account.

Our dietbet month 4 weigh-out was this weekend. DH is at his 10% goal and has been for awhile, so he weighed out on Saturday. Since I was sick last week, I wasn't able to work out, so I pushed myself hard Saturday and Sunday morning to end up .1 lb. under goal, but I made it! Now, that DH is home, that should eliminate some stress, and I'll be able to focus more on measured loss.

I can also get back into meals now that DH is home. I prepped four salads over the weekend for these next few days, and we still have some sandwich stuff on hand. I'm defrosting some ground beef to make some sort of taco rice casserole concoction.

I also want to make a pasta salad tonight or tomorrow for lunches/light dinners. I do have to stop at the grocery store tonight for allergy meds and fruit.

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  1. snafu Says:

    Well done Jasmine. 'Paid in full' is always a nice cheer. Welcome home to your DH who seems so supportive of your projects.

    If you regularly take allergy meds, it may be cost efficient to research pricing in your community. Some pharmacies have higher dispensing fees than others, OTC meds are less at larger outlets like Costco and some big chain pharmacies rotate through brands as a loss leader. I recall Laura 'Frugal Texan,' commenting some time ago.

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