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Spending Yesterday & Meal Plan for the Week

January 10th, 2017 at 09:30 am

Yesterday's spending was definitely more than anticipated, but still within budget...if that makes any sense. I went ahead and decided to combine this week's $50 and next week's $50 so I could just make one trip. I actually spent $108, but that included an $8 thermal and $35 bag of dog food. I also spent $15 at Goodwill for 2 pairs of jeans for DH. I redeemed $4 back between Checkout 51 and Ibotta.

For the rest of the week, a rough meal plan looks like this:
Today - Spaghetti (OAMC meal)
Tomorrow - Nacho Car
Thursday - Frozen Pizza (Wal-Mart has these really delicious $3 pizzas...probably not the most nutritious thing in the world, but satisfies DH's pizza cravings and easy)
Friday - Tuna Pasta (OAMC meal)
Saturday - Potluck with friends (bringing bacon jalapeno pinwheels)

I know for sure that we have at least another week's worth of dinners. I think we may also have a few remaining MREs on hand, so worse case, we'll work those into the menu.

Since I hadn't planned for the $15 or $7 clothing purchases (I had taken the miscellaneous budget down to $0 in a really ambitious move...), I'm going to take $22 from the last week's $50 and try to get by with only spending $28 that week.

Unfortunately, there was no way to add the beer into the grocery budget, so that $60 is still there. Considering the original party budget was $200, I feel pretty good getting it down to $60.

3 Responses to “Spending Yesterday & Meal Plan for the Week”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    I think you've done well! What does OAMC mean?

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    It's once-a-month-cooking. The idea is that you spend a full day in the kitchen in order to minimize effort the rest of the month. I did half of a 2-wk. cycle in early December and still have 3 meals left from it. Starting next month, I want to tackle each of the cycles doing one cycle a month until my freezer is full. I'm trying to get DH involved to make the cooking day more fun/efficient. Our weeks are so tiring that having the food on hand helps minimize our eating out. We still have some issues, but 3-4 times a month is worlds better than the 3-4 times a week that we used to do. The other plus is that DH can take up more responsibility for getting dinner on the table since it's minimal work.

    There is a cookbook called Once A Month Cooking: the Family Favorites edition. That's what I've been using. Everything we've had so far has been very well-received.

  3. scottish girl Says:

    I like the idea of once-a-month cooking Smile

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