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UFM Check-In

January 4th, 2017 at 06:21 am

I've been sick ever since NYE. The good thing about that is that I haven't really made it out to spend money. So far, the only spending has been $91 at Wal-Mart. This included DH's birthday gift (Nerf guns and darts - $30, groceries for the week - $26, allergy medicine - $15, and cash back - $20). I also ordered DH pizza on his birthday totaling $25.

While the pizza wasn't planned, some stuff happened right before DH's birthday. He then shared that his ideal birthday would include pizza, laser tag with friends, and dinner with family. I decided to use my $25 miscellaneous money for pizza and got the Nerf guns in lieu of laser tag (it was too last minute to get a group together). He loved it and that $55 was less than the $80 I had planned for the go-karts.

For the cash back, I'm actually planning to put $18 back in the bank in the next few days. I had money from a cheerleader for competition fees, and I'd use $2 when I needed cash last month, so I had to get the cash to pay it back.

The remaining $41 was from the grocery budget. I actually gave myself $50 each week for groceries, so we're off to a good start (especially considering $15 of that was my allergy medicine).

Groceries and meals are set this week. By my estimates, we have enough dinners for 10-12 meals depending on our appetites already in the freezer. The bread and sandwich meat I brought should last us through most (if not all) of next week, so I shouldn't actually have to touch the $50 grocery money that is budgeted to next week.

For the housewarming, I've been doing some thinking around ways to make it more frugal. One of our Christmas gifts was a groupon for a 12-pk of wine. I chose the mixed box, so I think I'm going to forgo the boxed wine completely and offer those to people instead. I've already bought some of the ingredients for the party food out of my first week's grocery budget ($50), so I'm going to try to continue doing that. If I can purchase all food items for appetizers under the weekly grocery budget, then I think I can get the party budget down to $60 from $200. The $60 would be beer, sodas, and probably the veggie tray.

3 Responses to “UFM Check-In”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    You count medicine as part of your grocery bill?

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Kiki, it sounds weird, but yeah. To me, the groceries category catches everything that I have to pick up at the store. This includes, medicines (only over-the-counter...prescriptions are paid with my FSA), household goods, health care products, etc. Honestly, sometimes pet food even works its way into this category if I happen to grab it at the grocery store.

    I'm not on top of my tracking enough to split things into more granular categories. I usually post-track meaning I'll go look at all my statements and add up everything. I do occasionally manage to keep up throughout the month, and that's one of the things I'd like to improve upon this year. But I'm not to the point where I can break down that category.

    I only recently started tracking household items as a separate expense only because we bought the house and found we were buying enough that it should be considered outside of our normal 'grocery' budget.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That'd be great if you could do the party for $60!

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