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Halloween on a Budget

October 13th, 2016 at 01:40 pm

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Several years ago, I made a mini haunted house in my one car garage with a mad science room and a cemetery. The Halloween before last, DH (back then, he was just some guy I was seeing) and I went to a drive-in Halloween movie marathon dressed as Aladdin and Jasmine (complete with our magic car-pet) and gave out candy to kids.

This year, I can't quite go as all out as I'd like, but since the sellers will be out of our house that day, DH and I are going there for our first Halloween in our home. I figured it'd be a great chance to start getting to know our neighbors and get a good idea of what Halloween is like in our neighborhood for future years. Since it's not Halloween without costumes, I came up with a (relatively) inexpensive costume idea. We're going to be Mr. and Mrs. Pac-man. We already have a ton of boxes, so I can fasten something out of that. I bought yellow paint and candy from Amazon today to the tune of $34. I have a mixing bowl set, and my orange bowl is one of the largest, so I'm going to use that as our candy dish.

I'd also like some form of decorations, so I'll probably dig out my homemade tombstones and spiders. I do think I'll need to buy some webbing, but I can make do with what I have for the rest.

We're really excited to start creating memories in our new house!

5 Responses to “Halloween on a Budget”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    Love it! My first Halloween no one came - no Trick or Treaters in the neighborhood. This year I won't be home but I will set out a bowl of candy with a funny note in case anyone comes by.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Halloween is usually a very good time to meet neighbors...at least those with elementary and younger children! Smile

  3. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Kiki, the sellers said they do get kids, so we're hoping to have at least a few. I saw a super cute diy pumpkin made from foil pans that someone used as their candy bowl. He had a construction paper stem and tongue and on the tongue it said take one. If I ever miss Halloween,is like to do that

  4. snafu Says:

    Some communities are more conservative than others. I'd check a week in advance to see if others on street have Halloween house decor. Ask your realtor to check with seller's agent for any info that might be helpful. You don't want to be negatively tagged before you move in! You don't want to frighten small kiddos and I notice everyone seems to be taking everything different or connected to change as fearful.

  5. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Snafu, that's a good point. We did speak with the sellers about holidays and the neighbors. They said they usually decorate and they do get plenty of kids, but families are good about waiting until dark to go around.

    My decorations are not super-scary. The hanging skeleton is a bit scary looking so he's staying in storage this year, but the spiders and tombstones are kid-friendly. The spiders are actually a really fun craft project, and the tombstones are covered in a bright silver paint and have the Friends characters on them as I was feeling sad that the show was ending and I'm a huge Friends fan.

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