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So Many Updates

October 3rd, 2016 at 08:01 am

Where to begin? We've had several things happen in the past week...some of which I can discuss and others which I can only allude to. Here goes:

DH's Job: DH was scheduled to get two notifications on Friday about the two jobs. The first was great. He was offered a position, albeit at an even lower salary than we thought. We didn't even bother negotiating because after running the numbers, we are okay as long as DH works at least 10 hrs. overtime/wk. The second call was to tell him they went with someone else, but that they'd keep him in mind when ramping up to full staff next February. DH was a little bummed, but the job he was offered was ultimately the company he wanted. We were just hoping for the second offer for leverage to negotiate on the first.

Renting the Current Place: Our landlord has agreed to waive the $2000 move out fee if we put in the effort to find a tenant and coordinate the move out. We had one gentleman look at it yesterday, and we have another person coming by Wednesday evening. I also renewed the posting in case neither of these pan out.

Additional Income: Because this new job is a huge pay cut (but a ginormous boost to our home life), we've been looking at some ways to make up the missing income.
1) DH can do overtime at time and a half. The company said they offer overtime about 80% of the time, and since DH is used to 70+ hr. workweeks, he's more than willing to put in 50-60 hr. workweeks.
2) DH's dad has offered to have DH come back and help him on the weekends again. This would allow DH to build up his home craftsmanship skills and earn some extra money.
3) A coworker of mine has a friend looking for after-school tutors. Hours are flexible and pay $10-20/hr. The other plus is that it's near where I will live, so I can detour there an hour or two on the way home and make some extra money.
4) I'm beginning to realize just how underpaid I am at my job. I've always known that I was, but I stick it out because the job offers flexibility, I enjoy my coworkers and the culture, and I will eventually move into a lead position which will be a big income boost. However, with this change, if we're finding it difficult, I may have to start looking into something that is more in line with my experience/skill set. Looking at the average salaries for my job and experience, I would easily make up the difference in DH's income and then some (we'd be pretty close to 6 figures on my income alone). I'd rather avoid this route as I truly enjoy my company, but it's definitely on the table and something we are thinking about.

3 Responses to “So Many Updates”

  1. snafu Says:

    Should you find a replacement tenant, it's important to get DD and 1st month's rent so that they have a major, financial commitment to complete the process. It's also a good idea to confirm employment of the principals. Can your landlord enforce your lease commitment if the new tenant is unsatisfactory or leaves?

    I'm having trouble with the math. If DH works available overtime and/or weekends for his dad, and you commit to tutoring, how do you manage to increase your time together? Is new employment nearby, saving transportation costs? Can you both work together to keep the income stable without causing friction?

    How are you doing with the process of packing up, cleaning up, transferring utilities, movers and plethora of details? There are deadlines and expenses which can easily spin out of control as you near moving date. I hope you have photos of the rooms in your new house as that helps initial pacement decisions on moving, resettling day.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck! It's hard to take a pay cut. Look at all expenses, not just the income side of things. More time together is worth the effort if you can make it work.

  3. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    Snafu, I actually confirmed that with the landlord the other day. I asked him at which point, the transfer of responsibility sets in, and it is once the lease is signed. At lease signing, the landlord will get a security deposit and half the first month's rent. Once the lease has been signed, if anything falls through, the landlord is now responsible.

    That's my fault. I haven't been overly specific. Currently, DH commutes about an hour in rush hour traffic, and frequently does not get home until 9 pm or later. With the new job, his commute is all of 15 minutes. In addition, the hours are set at M-F 6:30 am-2:30 pm-ish. Overtime hours are either added on to the workday or on Saturdays (they do not work on Sundays). Since I work 10 am-6 pm, DH can put in a few hours overtime daily, and still probably beat me home. He'd likely take on more of the cooking, and I'd be home around 7 pm daily, giving us an extra 2 hrs. each evening. If he makes his hours during the week, then he won't have to work Saturday, but even if he did, he'd be home about 3 pm, giving us an extra 4 hours. Since he currently works every other Sunday, that automatically gives us an extra 2 full days. If he did work with his dad or Saturday overtime, it'd be a choice and not a requirement. Having the freedom to say, 'hey, I want to just spend the weekend with you' is something we're really looking forward to. Since DH will be much closer to home, the house responsibilities will probably shift more towards him.

    As far as move things, I planned to start scheduling utilities transfers mid-month. We've been slowly packing, although it's mostly done as we never really unpacked to begin with. We're not hiring movers, so I will just have to schedule the truck about the same time that I set up all utilities. For placement, the plan is to move everything into the basement area. We need to move asap in November, but we also want to paint empty rooms. We're going to live out of the basement (bigger than our 1 bedroom apartment) while the upstairs gets done, and then move upstairs and make cosmetic updates to the basement.

    CCF, that's definitely what we're trying to do. It seems so easy to just go with me finding a job more in line with the salary I should be making, but there's so many other considerations that it just makes me hesitant. I am definitely looking forward to us having more time together though!

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