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2016 Planning and other stuff

December 30th, 2015 at 10:10 am

I've been thinking about 2016 goals,but before I outline them here, I want to get my thoughts down on paper, so those will probably come this weekend. We have a lot coming up in 2016 that will change my debt payoff plan.

I've also had some unexpected medical bills come at me out of nowhere, so I'll have to factor in a plan for those.

I didn't manage to save much for the wedding this month, but that's because we diverted that money ($2k) to DF's car deposit. I did buy a lot of wedding things though, and we paid cash for those. We also should be able to sock away about $300 to the wedding savings, so that's a start.

I just bought a plane ticket to visit my cousins and aunts in Denver. On Frontier, it was $50 each way after I joined the Den Deals ($50). Since we're hoping to get super cheap Frontier deals to Vegas for the wedding, I figured the Den Deals membership was worth it for one year. I'll cancel prior to the end of next year to avoid the renewal fee. My cousin is doing my hair and makeup, so we'll do a trial run then. Family time and a wedding task checked off - done and done.

1 Responses to “2016 Planning and other stuff”

  1. pjmama Says:

    Those are great ticket prices. Denver is such a cool city. Enjoy your time there Smile

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