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No Tree This Year :( and Shopping

November 30th, 2015 at 06:41 am

DF and I decided not to do a tree this year. Our apartment is pretty small and with the three animals, we decided we'd spend more time fixing it than enjoying it. (We are still decorating a little.) Not to mention, we're cutting back on the gift-giving. In fact, DF already got his big gift - a Samsung Gear S2. He's used it non-stop in his job and it's also helped him get back on track with his fitness. I suggested that my big gift be Uggs since my pair is over 5 years old and has no treads left. It's a bit dangerous walking the dogs but they're the easiest things to pull on so I keep using them...I may cave and get a small decorative tree for the kitchen table, but we'll see.

Other than that, we agreed on 3 household gifts and one each for the animals. That is all covered. I did some Black Friday shopping, but am pretty proud of my control. It probably won't seem like I reigned it in, but this year is certainly better than previous years. I did splurge on one outfit for myself and one sweater for DF, but otherwise, I was good. I spent $70 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for household stuff and a magic laser toy for DC. It turns out my mom had some coupons in addition to the ones I used, so I'll have to see if they'll credit me for those. I spent $170 at PetSmart getting large bags of food for each of the dogs (they're not out of their current bags, but since the deals were so great, I got them which will come out of the pet budget for December), cat food and litter, treats, and several toys. The rest of my spending was wedding-related. I got wedding and reception shoes at DSW - $35 total (well under my $100 shoe budget!). I also got dresses for the rehearsal dinner, reception, and bachelorette party from Ross totaling $90 which included a dress for my mom. My total dress budget was $150, so I'm pretty proud to come in well under with 3 beautiful new dresses - my reception dress is an XL juniors dress for just $13!! I also spent $25 at Ulta on their 5 for $5 deals getting 3 items for the bridesmaids gifts, stocking stuffers for my mom, and co-worker gifts. Today, I do plan on doing some Cyber Monday shopping - all wedding-related. I'll be getting our wine box ($80...originally budgeted $400), bridesmaids gifts (robes - 20/each and phone chargers - 12/each) and a cake-cutting set ($17).

2 Responses to “No Tree This Year :( and Shopping”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Awesome deals on the dresses and shoes!!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like you found some good deals for what you needed!

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