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Various Updates

November 16th, 2015 at 06:25 am

Still owe an October debt update...

I've been really spacey lately and need to get focused. While I really want to get moving on my credit cards, I realized that I need to start with our joint credit cards. One has a 3k balance and the other has a 1500 balance. We have about 2k to throw at the 3k card before the statement even hits. The rest will be paid before the due date to avoid interest. That will get it at 20% utilization. The 1500 card has a 3k limit, so I want to throw at least $500 (preferably 700-800) at it prior to the statement closing. Next month, DF is getting his car. It's currently in production and scheduled for delivery around the 20th (right before my birthday on the 21st). This is DF's 'family' car for the next decade or so. He's getting a great deal with about 3k being contributed to his down payment from Honda incentives, plus whatever he gets left over from his trade-in. His credit is pretty good. He carries no debt, and his only problem was a lack of history until we started authorizing him on my cards. I want to get the utilization under 30%, so he has the best chance possible at their lowest financing (1.9%).

I've already told my brothers that I could not help with Christmas this year. In the past, I've stepped up and contributed the vast majority of the Christmas budget to ensure we have gifts to open, but I made it clear that I have to get my life in order and contribute to our wedding.

DF and I will get a total of 5 things (most of which are for the apartment).

I need to be more proactive with YNAB. Right now, I'm using it reactively. More just logging than following. I think even with that it's helped (I am doing my best to avoid grocery shopping since I'm already in the red). However, I think it could be much more useful.

I have one more anticipated wedding expense prior to the end of the year - our rentals. This includes the dance floor, linens, cocktail glasses, and napkins. The deposit is 50% or ~500. We will likely pay this in December. After that, everything goes into savings until invites and final payments (a month to a week before the wedding). I do also need the rest of my attire things - shoes, possibly a veil, alterations on my dress, but I plan to keep these costs to $300.

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