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Random Updates

November 3rd, 2015 at 06:42 am

I apologize in advance for this being all over the place.

My new laptop charger came in yesterday. DD2 is entering her 'challenging' phase and has been chewing up things in the apartment. Recent casualties include the living room blanket (which I sewed myself rather than tossing - yay frugality!), one of DC's toys (too far gone to save), and my computer charger (never did find the little end of it...).

I sat down and updated YNAB from the trip. Now, that our joint account is last month's income. I'm hoping we'll really be able to use YNAB to ramp up our savings.

DF and I have also committed to losing weight and cutting back on the junk. We went to the gym last night. He's taking a harsher approach than me by not having any sweets, drinking only water, and limiting alcohol consumption to two 'events' a month. For November, it's Thanksgiving and the day Fallout 4 comes out (can't come between a man and his video game love...). I may join him on the alcohol consumption and I already mostly just drink water.

Babysitting is going well. It's hard being up so early, but it gives me a more regimented schedule, and it's an easy $100/wk. Now that most of the traveling is over, that $400/mo will go straight into our wedding savings while I continue paying off some of my own cards with my full-time paychecks.

Cheerleading is wrapping up which means I have a few weeks of less gas cost. Competition season starts in December though, so it will be short-lived.

This weekend is my quick trip to Boston. I don't anticipate spending very much. I'm really hoping to get away with just the cost of gas and maybe two fast food meals. I shipped wines back from Sedona for us to try and we have 3 dress shop appointments.

I have lots of little wedding tasks to take care of, but I'm giving myself some leeway since I got so much done on our trip last week. We did have to pay half of our catering balance because we ended up setting the menu last week. Our vendor had mentioned awhile ago that half was due when we set the menu, but I'd forgotten and made our final substitutions after I got back from the trip while it was all still fresh in my mind. Luckily, we're able to cover it. And if anything, that $3k less that's due right at the end with everything else. For my own personal tracking, a couple of other things I need to do include: sending out the DJ check, updating the wedding website to fix a few grammar errors and add the hotel blocks, book the ramada for our rehearsal get-together, book the two XL King rooms for getting ready suites, book the wedding night room, follow up with all vendors re: details (songs for the DJ, pictures wanted for the photographer, centerpiece ideas for the florist, cake design), order a dance floor.

Which reminds me...has anyone ever attended a wedding where the dance floor was carpet? It was very strongly suggested that I rent a dance floor for the space. Just wondering, if that's a choice or requirement...

2 Responses to “Random Updates”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    My SO and I are also doing a weight loss challenge together - 10% in 6 months. Although he feels he can do it just through diet and has no desire to exercise - either with me or without me. It would be nice if he'd be willing to even just go for walks with me. Oh well. Good luck!

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    FrugalTexan, I'm the exact opposite. I hate exercising. DF is the one pushing me to get to the gym. Our next workout is tonight. I've been avoiding groceries since we're both out of town this weekend. Instead, we've been trying to eat the junk so that next week, we can start fresh. Lots of veggie-full crockpot soups will be on our meal plan this winter.

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