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New Job, Benefits, and YNAB

September 11th, 2015 at 07:01 am

I started the babysitting gig this week, so like all those with families, I'm suddenly adjusting to a 'school' routine. It's been rough waking up. I usually get up about 545/6 with the dogs, but I'm used to going back to sleep. Now, I have to stay up. On the plus side, it's $100/wk for making sure a 13 yo stays on her morning schedule and dropping her to school. Pretty easy and makes my FT job schedule more regular. Next week, she's off school the whole week. What's interesting is that it's written into my contract that if the girl is sick or misses school for any reason such as teacher workdays, then I still get paid the full week, so she said she'd still pay me next week even though I don't have to do anything. Since I've just started working for her, it felt strange accepting the money for a full week's work when I'm not needed. The daughter will be staying home all week and their house is right near my work, so I offered instead to swing by on lunchtimes and look in on her. I figure it's a fair alternative and makes me feel like I am actually earning the money. I've been waffling on what to do with the extra $400/month, but I think it will go half to the wedding and half to my CCs.

It's open enrollment time for my FT job. This year, we're offered 3 plan choices. Our standard plan , a local one which is cheaper with a more limited network, and a national plan which costs a little more with less of a deductible. I think I'm going to go with the local plan as my healthcare will possibly change once I'm married. I'm also considerably reducing my FSA as even with the $500 rollover, I still have almost a grand to use up this month. I am adding an AFLAC policy. I currently have 3, but since we anticipate starting a family not long after marriage, I'm going to add the hospital plan too, so we can take advantage of that.

With all the additional attention drawn to it lately, I've been doing some research into YNAB. I'm a little hesitant to dive in considering we have a big trip in October and then it's the holiday season...all while planning a wedding. However, I think all of that may be the perfect reason to jump in now. I'm going to really sit down and look into it this weekend, but I'm leaning towards doing the free trial starting next week. If that goes well, then at the end of the trial, I'd use part of my extra earnings to get it and really start both DF and I on it.

2 Responses to “New Job, Benefits, and YNAB”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Definitely try the free trial you have nothing to lose. Also before you pay for it look for a link for 10% coupon...do a Google search. Smile

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    You can also get $6 (10%) off by using a referral link. You get $6 off, and whoever's link you use gets $6.

    Sounds like a great way to bring in a little extra income (the 13 yo)

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