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New Motivation and an Awesome Deal

August 26th, 2015 at 03:24 pm

I think I've finally found something to curb the eating out. I have a really bad tendency to treat myself to dinner/lunch when I'm stressed/pressed for time/annoyed at life. While each meal is often under $10 or even $5, this easily adds up. Lately, I've been asking myself if I want the meal or a life with DF. With everything we have coming up, we really need to jumpstart our savings and curb our spending. While I've only employed this technique a few times, it has stopped me from getting food. Yesterday, I even turned around from Five Guys and made a grilled cheese. Yummy and considerably healthier!

In the opposite direction, we did spend $15 on a Groupon. It's normally $25 for $50 at Brookstone. I had a $10 off $25 or more offer, so $15 for $50 seemed like a steal for us. We're going to use it to most likely replace our showerhead and get a wireless speaker for DF to listen to music in the shower.

In other news, I also paid off our couch, made a $400 payment to one of our CCs, and am hoping to make another $150 payment to my Chase card.

4 Responses to “New Motivation and an Awesome Deal”

  1. Miz Pat Says:

    Keep on working on those credit cards. That will help you so much.

    I think you are getting great habits!

    I have a tendency to spend money without figuring out what I have. So I'm trying to make a rule to look and see what I have to spend. We won't mentioned all the stuff I got on Amazon for my birthday for myself. (wince).

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    That's awesome that you are doing so well with paying off cc debt. I find it very helpful to do some cooking on the weekend making soups, baking chicken, etc. I freeze some of that in containers and later in the week when I need to have something for dinner, I thaw one out and warm it up on the stove.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It is hard to curb that desire to grab something fast and easy when you're really stressed or tired. I have that same issue. It sounds like you've come up with a good way to curb it though!

  4. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    Thanks everyone. I'm trying...

    Crazyliblady - Batch cooking/weekend prep is definitely something I want to get into more, but my issue is more that I often only have 20 minutes or so for food between work and cheer and that is shared with my commute from work to cheer. I've been trying to essentially make two lunches for work and eat the second during my last hour at work to curb the hunger which does seem to help.

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