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Saving (my mom) money, possible side job, and contest help

August 19th, 2015 at 08:45 pm

My mom's AC broke last week. She most definitely does not have the money to fix it. My brothers are fine suffering, but it definitely gets hot in August here. My brother had suggested that maybe she could get a window unit as a temporary fix. I posted on freecycle asking for one, and as luck has it, someone did! It actually turned out to be a woman I'd gotten a shoe rack from before. The unit works well and my mom is grateful for the cooler air without having to spend money.

I also reached out to a woman who posted for a mother's helper to get her daughter to school in the mornings. Pay would be $100/week which DF and I could definitely use as savings to our wedding.

The last bit is my own plea for help from this community. DF and I entered a contest held by our apartment company. Our video focuses more on our story with some bits about why we love our apartment community, but the top 5 vote-getters win a $500 prize. If you read this and have a minute or two, we'd really appreciate the help (plus, you'd get to see a more personal side of us)! The contest is here:

Text is and Link is Our entry will most likely be on the first three pages. It's called DJ - Fairchase. The screenshot is us playing pool on a green background. You can vote once in each of the various browsers on a device, but I'd appreciate even the one vote!

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