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Lots Coming Up

July 29th, 2015 at 08:17 am

Just trying to get some of my thoughts written down:

1) The Car: I'm going to call the body shop and see if they'll take a payment over the phone prior to the repairs to ensure it clears. If possible, I'd also like them to keep the card on file, so if there are additional repairs, it can be covered. I also have to look up rentals. While my area is certainly more expensive, I think it can be kept under $100.

2) The Wedding: My colleague saw the outside of our venue earlier in the week, but couldn't get in. He said he'd call and try to get a quick appointment for today. I truly appreciate the effort he's going through consider he doesn't know me at all. By my rough estimates, he's saved me about a grand in travel costs just to book the venue. Regardless of whether he gets inside the facility, I'm going to have them draw up a contract which we'll review with his parents this weekend, so the venue should be booked by early next week.

3) The Vegas Trip: Still on the lookout for a good hotel deal for two nights and flights. Also, still trying to score one free Beatles Love Cirque show ticket from MyVegas. I'm not terribly worried as there's still time. Other MyVegas freebies we're getting are: tickets to Thunder from Down Under, 2 free buffets, and $50 freeplay. I have to review the list because we'll probably also try to do some rewards that aren't specifically MGM properties.

4) Upcoming Spending: I made a list of several things DD2 will need soon as she's almost as big as DD1 and has mostly outgrown her baby things. She also needs to be spayed in August which is thankfully covered under her CareClub insurance. We also have two camping trips in August. SO had a great end to July, so we're expecting at least 2k next month. I've roughly allocated it to: building up our account buffer (300), paying me back (300), paying off our couch (600), and partially paying back our venue deposit (800/1700).

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