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This and That

July 17th, 2015 at 09:27 am

Got some random updates:

DF and I grilled some marinated chicken and chorizo last night and used up the last of the potatoes for steak fries. It was by far the best meal we'd had in awhile. Tonight will be mac and cheese with the leftover meats and some leftover veggies from earlier this week. Sat. and Sun. evening we have cookouts. I'm probably just going to get a small cookie or pastry platter for Saturday's cookout and we'll ask DF's family if they'd like us to bring anything for Sunday.

I have some upcoming pet expenses: DD1 is due for his shots and DD2 has a wellness visit (which is covered by her pet care plan) where we will have to pay for her flea & tick/heartworm meds. I think we will have to use one of the 0% cards for this, and pay it off in August when DF's income has (hopefully) stabilized.

My weight has held consistent a little above the 10%. I'm actually perfectly fine with this. It slightly above the normal weight for my height, but given my body structure, I look better with some meat on my bones. Wedding goal will be to maintain this weight, but turn the fat into muscle.

We're moving forward with wedding planning. I think I'm now set on proceeding without a wedding planner. It will be difficult coordinating with long-distance vendors, but I think it's doable. I actually know someone who's in our destination right now. Even though I barely know him, he's agreed to check out our venue. If all looks well, we'll book it saving one trip out there. The only snag is that we are supposed to coordinate the site visit, and I feel like that's asking more of him because now he has to go at a set date/time. Hopefully it all works out as round trip flights run about $400/trip.

Still chipping away slowly at the credit cards. I'm owed about $2200 from various sources, so hopefully if that money starts coming in, I can make some real progress. $2200 is about the combined balance of both Chase cards, so it'd be really nice to knock those out in the next few months.

Awhile back, the dealer had suggested a list of maintenance items for my car. I've been remiss in taking care of them, but given that my inspection ends this month and my brakes are on the list, I figured I should start looking into it. When I got my car detailed last week, I had asked for quotes. I didn't have the list, so I did it from memory, but he quoted me around $500 for several items on the list. He also told me at least one of the items definitely wasn't needed. I think I'm going to make them my new regular mechanic as their prices are much more reasonable and I was pleased with their detailing work.

1 Responses to “This and That”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Hope you get the cards knocked out within the next few months.

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