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Weekend Spending and Other Updates

June 15th, 2015 at 06:37 am

There was finally some spending. SO came home Saturday!! I spent $65 on groceries, $7 on gas station fare (2 energy drinks and a bag of chips) on the way to the airport, $60 on a Sunday afternoon movie date (Jurassic World in IMAX 3D - so expensive, but worth it to us). We went to SO's parents' house last night for a cookout. I've mapped out a meal plan for the rest of June using chicken and tuna as the bases for most meals. I plan to hit BJ's and the grocery store tonight with a budget of $150. Then I will need to make one more stop next week to fill in the gaps (right now, there's only two items I foresee needing).

DD2 went to the vet last week to get her boosters and rabies. It's kind of nice not having to pay anything since it's all spread out under the $60 monthly care club payments.

SO and I have the bed and breakfast next week and then the FL trip around July 4th. We haven't really budgeted for either of these (one was unexpected, but the other, there isn't really an excuse), but I'm reasonably sure we can cash flow them.

I just sent in another $150 Chase Freedom payment. That puts the card at $305. I still need to move that $100 from Navy Federal which will put it at $205. If I can find the paperwork for Aflac, that will be $150 more leaving me $55. I have $35 budgeted from next paycheck which means I will just need to find a lousy $20 bucks. I may cancel my monthly $25 savings transfer to my BOA account and use that.

On that note, I've been trying to simplify all the cards/accounts I have going on. I recently closed my pet and vacation funds from Capital One 360 leaving me with Car and Emergency funds. I also have a checking account with them that I will look into closing once I verify the period has passed on their promotional offer. I'm going to close the BOA CC and my savings account with them. I had it to prevent overdrafts, but since I now keep a buffer in the account, it's no longer necessary. I really don't want to close the BOA credit card as I've had it the longest, but it has an annual fee and I no longer use it, so I'm going to take the hit to my credit score now while I don't necessarily need it. Once I finish up the Slate and Marlo Furniture cards, I'll have to decide what to do with those. I had originally planned to close them, but I may just stick them in a drawer somewhere, so the available credit still helps me. I also want to simplify the loans (I have 3), but since 1 will be paid in December, one is my mom's responsibility, and the third is on auto-pay, that may not happpen for awhile.

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