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I've Been Slacking

June 11th, 2015 at 07:49 am

SO comes back Saturday. Until then, I'm mostly just trying to survive. These past few days in particular have been rough. I did cave and order pizza, but managed to stop the slide when I was trying to justify fast food the very next day (and the next). Lots going on, so I'll give a brief update on the things I can think of:

Spending: Other than the pizza ($20) and an unexpected winery trip ($40), I've been pretty good. I still owe a June budget, but it's pretty tight.

Mom Loan: She is fully responsible for this but asked me to move the due date. Navy Fed wouldn't move, but I am going to pay it ahead one month, so she can set it to auto-pay when she wants. She will be paying me back through...

Vegas Trip: (I fully expect heat for this, so feel free to fuss...) My mom got a birthday offer for 5 nights at MC with $150 slot play. Considering my mom can go 3 days on $50, this would be nice for her. We're doing it as a mother-daughter trip. Her sisters may also come in from Denver just for the weekend. With our play on MyVegas (a rewards game) we'll have 7 rewards between us which we'll use for 2 more nights, probably another slot play, and then a couple of buffet passes (aiming for 3 2-person passes). She also has Southwest rewards which we will probably use for flights. She is covering my flight, so basically we'll just need spending money for the week. I have to work out the budget and start saving for it, but I'm thinking 2k will be more than enough for just the two of us.

Found money!!: This is a biggie. I completely didn't realize that Aflac (I have 3 policies) pays a wellness benefit for two of my policies. My coworker mentioned they can be filed at anytime, so I confirmed with my rep. If I can find documentation for all of them, that will be $420 ($60*7). I submitted 4 so far. Any of this money will go to...

Chase Freedom: Made another $200 payment. I'm down to 456. I have another $100 to put towards it from NavyFed bonus. Technically, $160 of this is actually joint spending, so I could pull that from our account to pay it, but since our account is so tight and I think I can cashflow it from the Aflac payments, I'm going to try and handle it.

Vacations: I know it's ridiculous to be going on vacations, but I also really don't want to give up experiences during my debt pay-off. (Conflicting priorities, I know...) Since SO and I have been apart for almost a month (the longest since moving in together), we decided to go away to a BnB when he gets back. I bought the Living Social for 2 nights (the $160 on the Chase Freedom card) and booked it. My little brother will be staying at the apartment, so no pet care needed. SO will not have to take off work as it's planned midweek around his work schedule. I have extra work hours saved up to cover my time off. The other vacation was one I alluded to at the beginning of the year: Fl with SO's family. I had meant to be saving for this, but his family is very loose with planning, so I have no idea what we'll need. We'll have to see what that spending comes to. I'm trying to convince SO to get the Chase Freedom card ($200 reward for $500 spending) to help cover it since I failed to properly plan it. We do still have the $400 Verizon card too, so that's a start.

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