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Goals Update

June 3rd, 2015 at 06:16 am

I'm breaking even (may even slightly be failing) in the goals arena...

- Build emergency fund back to $1000 (Failing - It's at about $100. I plan to focus on this in parallel with the NFL Points card which comes after the Slate CC. Until then, it's $15 each month.)
- Reduce credit cards (Passing - I'm down to 5 - 2 of which aren't in use and have no balances.)
- Add savings categories (Major fail! Although I'm adjusting this. Part of the problem is that I'm spread so thin, so I'm actually consolidating all of my various savings accounts. More on this later as I have to nail down exactly what I need.)
- Increase retirement savings to 10% (Passing? Raises become effective during the second pay period this month. At the point, my contribution will go up to 10%, but I'm also hoping that my take home pay is at least what it currently is.)
- Build $200 buffer in checking account (Done - 2/6)
- Build $1500 buffer in joint account (In Progress. This was completed, but with May being such a terrible month, it's been depleted. It's currently at about $400)

- Lose 10% of my weight (In Progress - I've been stuck at 6%. Part of the lack of motivation is that the weight I'm at is where I want to be, but I've worked out the past two days and plan to kick it into gear...)
- Win at least 4 months of my dietbet (Major fail! If I manage to hit the 10% this month, then I will have done the reverse of this goal which would be winning 2 months and losing 4. Since this month alone will probably get me my money back, I'm hoping to be able to knock off these last 5 lbs.)
- Adopt a puppy with SO (Major pass!! DD2, aka Riley, is so spunky and full of life and we adore her!!!)
- Get dogs outside for more than an hour 4 times a week (Pass! I'm actually surprised I am doing so well with this one. It's mostly because on Saturdays and Sundays, we do the dog park plus walks to the nearby town center.)
- Cook more from scratch (Pass. I am still buying processed/convenience foods occasionally, but I'm definitely becoming more comfortable in the kitchen and probably about 90% of the time, we eat at home. Yesterday, I made some pretty awesome popcorn shrimp!)

- Blog at least twice per week (Pass. I haven't actually checked, but I definitely feel like I'm being pretty consistent in blogging.)
- Post monthly budget and month in review entries (Pass. Sometimes, it's more like mid-month before I get around to the recaps, but I am doing them!)
- Participate in one 'challenge' quarterly (Eh...I'm inclined to say pass in the sense that I am currently doing the 5 things and pantry 'challenges'. My goal for this was to try new tactics, so in that sense, this is definitely a pass.)

I also want to add one to the blogging: Comment more! I read the blogs, but don't particularly do a good job in participating. I'd like to change that, so I'm adding that in.

2 Responses to “Goals Update”

  1. snafu Says:

    Oops, I see you mostly succeeding, awareness of softer points is important but not a negative. More SA participation is a terrific, new, added goal. Two major issues seem to be frustrating you... dietbet and rebuilding EF. I suspect adding Riley to the menagerie impacted $$$ outflow. Would it be helpful to add a budget category 'PETS?' Would you find it helpful to note every dollar spent?

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Snafu, she definitely did have an impact. Additionally, DD1 has more appointments lately than he'd had before. In May, vet expenses ran about a grand. I actually have a 200 pet budget in our account as well as a pets savings account of my own. The savings account is small and I plan to close it since we take care of the animals from the joint account. I upped it to 400 for June since we have at least two vet visits. What I eventually want to get to is that the extra from the pet budget would go to our joint savings which would serve as the pet reserves.

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