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Exhausting, but wonderful weekend!

May 11th, 2015 at 05:49 am

I am exhausted. Like, going home at 3 pm and napping/doing nothing tonight, exhausted.

Friday night, SO and I cleaned until about 1 am. My friend was coming in early Saturday and the barbecue was Sunday, and we hadn't really cleaned since getting DD2.

Saturday, I was up at 6 am. Took care of the animals, SO's breakfast and lunch, and then headed to the airport to get my friend. She'd also had a long night, so we decided to nap prior to doing anything. We got up about noon and decided to take DD1 hiking after having lunch in the apartment. DD2 is still too young to really be out for extended periods of time, and I wasn't about to be lugging around a 20 lb. puppy during the hike. We went to Great Falls park, and it was beautiful. We hiked about 5 miles. We had wanted to nap prior to going out in the evening, but by the time we made it home, it was 6 pm and we had to be ready by 730. We met another college friend in DC for dinner and then a night out. Spending was much less than I had anticipated - about $40 for drinks and $27 for dinner.

Sunday, I spent the day prepping for the barbecue. My friend and our college buddy went to the zoo, but SO and I skipped it to prepare the apartment. We ended up grilling on the grill outside our patio. I made chocolate covered strawberries and attempted merengue cookies. Apparently, there was oil or yolk still in it because it never whipped up properly Frown Our families got on great though. We played a rousing game of TV pictionary (everyone downloads the app and you draw/guess on your phone). It was wonderful family time. We now have leftovers for the next several days which means I get to relax since dinner/lunch will be a breeze.

Last Thursday, SO was on base, and there's this great dress kiosk there that's very cheap ($20 for the first dress, $15 for each after that). I subtly hinted that he should pick one out for me. The overachiever came home with 2 beautiful dresses - I wore one each day this weekend!

I was up at 540 this morning to take care of puppy. SO isn't a morning person, and I had to leave about 615 to drop my friend at the airport, so I wanted to make sure she was all settled before leaving.

Now things should quiet down, especially once SO leaves for training on Thursday.

2 Responses to “Exhausting, but wonderful weekend!”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    It does sound like a fun but exhausting weekend. The dresses are pretty. Smile

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Great to hear everything went so well!

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