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Planning Ahead

April 21st, 2015 at 09:59 am

Our average daily balance is official 1592. I plan to take out $685 to pay back to my Chase Freedom card. This weekend will be very spendy as we'll be getting everything we need to get little Riley set up. I upped that budget to $800 because we will probably also pick up a few things for DD1 and DC so they don't feel neglected. That will leave me with $325 on the Chase card. I want to pay this off by the end of April as I believe I start accruing interest next period which starts May 10. I will pay $220 to it with my paycheck tomorrow. The last $105 will also come out of our account as part of the money that needs to be paid from Dec./Jan. spending. That leaves $395 remaining to be paid back.

Our May budget currently has a $800 deficit, but that's because I have no idea what (if anything) SO's commission may be. I'm confident we'll make most (if not all) of it up. Not to mention, I think May spending will be significantly cut back in the second half of the month because SO is away for training. All of his meals are covered, and I will just be home when I'm not working spending time with my fur babies.

My last small CC is Chase Slate. Right now, I'm aiming for payoff by the end of June. However, depending on May spending, I may have enough to pay myself back the last $395 which would wipe out the card in May. After that the focus becomes the couch ($800 left from our joint account) and my last CC ($5600 - balance transfers).

1 Responses to “Planning Ahead”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Good luck with wiping your card out early Smile

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