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Sort of payday, puppy update, and potential side job

April 15th, 2015 at 07:58 am

SO got paid today. He got his normal check and his commission check. While it was significantly lower than I had thought, we'll still be able to accomplish some stuff. If my math is correct, it covers the deficit from April and gives us an approximate $3500 buffer. Since rent, gas, and verizon all take out before any of our income for that month comes in, this is a good buffer. After those payments come out, we'll have about $1700 in the account until that month's income comes in. Since I have to maintain $1500 in the account to avoid fees, this works out great. I'd like to get us to living off the last month's income for this account as it would be easier to track.

We went and visited potential new puppy again last night. She was obviously feeling much better. She's pretty adorable and I'm already attached, so I'm really hoping the adoption goes smoothly. I've read horror stories about families being so excited to take the puppy home only to be denied with no explanation. Fingers crossed everything goes well!!! We have about $750 remaining budgeted for her set-up which includes an adoption fee of $375 and a vet visit. I already have a crate, bed, and puppy pads (free courtesy of a coworker), so we'll just need food, collar, and toys.

I'm always on the lookout for side jobs related to working with kids or cheerleading. Awhile back, I had heard about an opening for the head coach at a local high school (it happens to be SO's alma mater). After speaking with the student activities director, it seemed way out of my league, but perfect for the head coach I worked with at my last high school gig. I let her know about it in the hopes that if she got it, she'd take me on as an assistant again. She interviewed yesterday and it seemed to go well. So if that goes through, then she'll look to hiring myself and possibly some of the other coaches we worked with.

1 Responses to “Sort of payday, puppy update, and potential side job”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Good luck with your new puppy! I hope everything goes well Smile

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