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Food Updates

March 12th, 2015 at 08:25 am

I've been really happy with the progress I've made in terms of cooking. It really helps that SO seems to enjoy everything I make which boosts my confidence. Some of my better meals have been a quinoa, broccoli, chicken casserole; bang bang shrimp pasta; and last night, lemon pepper chicken with brown rice and cheddar bay biscuits. I even carved out a meal plan to get us through the rest of this week and next week since my food budget ($300) is pretty much gone. I'm hoping to make it through most, if not all, of the rest of March with only 1 or 2 trips for staples (I'm running low on milk and eggs).

Out of my own account, I will be shifting some priorities around. I'm going to pull $100 from one of my credit card payments for food. My mom is going to the Philippines next month to bury my grandmother. My brothers will be on their own for two weeks for food. While they will cook some small things on their own, I imagine they will rely a lot on fast food/take-out. Since one brother doesn't work and the other makes very little, I anticipate phone calls asking for money for food. To make this a bit easier on myself, I have decided to make ahead 4 meals that they can quickly pop into the oven and will last 2-3 days for them. This and their simple home-cooking skills should cover most of the 2 weeks. I will be making the aforementioned quinoa/broccoli/chicken casserole, crunchy tex-mex casserole, enchiladas, and baked mac & cheese with cut-up hot dogs and peas. My intention is to double-up on these meals where possible, so that SO and I can also enjoy them at home. It wouldn't come out of our own account's grocery budget, but would help us make it to the end of March.

3 Responses to “Food Updates”

  1. snafu Says:

    Condolences, sorry to learn your grandmother passed on. I recall your big contribution to the cost of your mom's visit to gran.

    Kudos on doing well on meal planning, prep and getting it all to the table. I hope SO appreciates all that you do to make his days happy and financially secure. Do brothers reciprocate your care, costs and attentions? When you review items in pantry, fridge & freezer, what can you make with minor purchases?

    In this century smart men learn to function in the kitchen. Those that don't often get a jolt when mommy finally tells them it's time to grow up, employer rejects poor work attitude or girlfriend/SO gives them their walking papers, unwilling to put up with immature, ego centred, self important behaviours.

  2. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    Snafu, thank you. She passed away last November, and my mom was waiting for her tax refund to use for the ticket home. This will be her first time back in almost 20 years.

    SO is definitely appreciative and when he has time, he cooks. Just Monday night, he made an amazing steak with mixed veggies and potatoes au gratin. My brothers reciprocate in the ways that they can. Since my older brother does not work, he took care of DD for a year and a half while I lived with the babysitting family. I'm sure they would be fine since they're both well into adulthood, but I still feel the need to take care of them and make sure they're not just eating straight junk for two weeks. As for my own home, I used that information to come up with my meal plan through the end of next week. After that, I will either have to get creative or we'll be doing a lot of pasta and sauce. The problem is that SO and I (to a certain extent) are big carnivores. He likes to have meat with his meals, and meat is expensive. Chicken is on sale this week for 1.99, and I have to get it for all the make-ahead meals, so hopefully we'll have some left over that I could use along with the canned tuna to make it as far as I can.

    My older brother actually does cook some basic stuff. I imagine he'll have a lot of tilapia and rice for meals. My younger brother still relies on fast food, but I hope that will change. It's always interesting to me because SO and close to my younger brother's age, and he's so much more mature and developed.

  3. Shiela Says:

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

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