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Free Swag

March 9th, 2015 at 07:49 am

This weekend, my cheerleaders had their competition. I was determined not to spend any of my own money, so I packed snacks for the day, and treated myself (it was 7 am on a Saturday...) to Starbucks using a gift card I had lying around. Unfortunately, I ended up leaving my lunch bag at the venue. It had been a gift for Employee Appreciation Day a few years back and has served me well since I've started packing lunches. Fortunately, Employee Appreciation Day just passed last Friday. My company had decided to divvy up all the free swag lying around rather than get new stuff, so different projects received different things. My project was not slated to get the lunch bags (which I knew because I had helped make the bags). So imagine my surprise this morning, when I found both a lunch bag and cooler on my desk in addition to the gift bag! Now I have a sparkly new lunch bag and a second cooler. We haven't used the cooler yet, but I imagine it will come in handy when we go hiking when the weather warms up.

1 Responses to “Free Swag”

  1. all4money Says:

    Love it when things fall into place Smile

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