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Planning Fail

February 20th, 2015 at 06:41 am

The title's a bit more dramatic than the actual situation, but with all the progress I've been making, this kind of irks me...

My office finally moved the water dispenser back to our side of the hall, but it's been out for about a month now. We had one 35-pk of bottles, but that ran out a few weeks ago. SO was kind enough to lend me his All Clear Camelbak (one of his Xmas gifts from me). It purifies the water for you in 1 minute. I've been using it at work regularly. But yesterday evening, I left it at cheerleading practice. So today, I don't have any water in the office. I could just be dehydrated all day, but it's very cold and I can feel my skin begging for water.

Long story short: I have to buy a bottle of water at the cafe downstairs.

It's really irksome because I actually have bottled water at my apartment. 2 seconds of forethought would have saved me $2 and a lot of self-scolding...

2 Responses to “Planning Fail”

  1. chloe Says:

    I did the same sort of thing yesterday. I couldn't find my ID, so I had to pull a parking ticket and pay $8 for parking even though I already pay for it monthly out of my paycheck. D'oh! I think a small self-scolding is okay, but then move on Smile

  2. DecisiveParadox Says:

    have you considered the alternative, death by dehydration? I think you would be more annoyed at that :P
    Sometimes I Plan on taking the kids out to a nice play park that is a good drive from the house.
    I make turkey or chicken salad sandwiches, fill their bottles with juice so they can burn energy all day long.
    Drive an hour to the park and bam, forget the lot because I am too busy congratulating myself on such thrifty planning. I waste the money spent on the packed lunches and end up having to buy lunch and snacks anyway.
    I think its been like 3/5 times I have done that.

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