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Pets are expensive

January 20th, 2015 at 06:42 am

I took DD (for me, this will be dear dog) to the vet this past weekend. There's nothing wrong with him, but he was due for his annual check-up and I figured it'd be nice for the new vet to get to know him (he did also end up needing a vaccine). I was a bit ticked as the receptionist told me there was a coupon online for a free first visit. However, they ended up charging me for the visit. When I pointed it out, they only credited me 21 bucks of the 108. I asked why it wasn't applied to the office visit ($58), and she said something about the vaccine. However, the vaccine was still $30. I think they used the coupon to cover the cheapest item which was the nail trim ($19). Accounting for tax, that seems like that's where the 21 came from. I really wish I were better at speaking up in situations like that as I am really regretting not pushing for the $58 to be credited back.

In other pet news, I don't believe I've ever mentioned DC (dear cat) before. In addition to DD and the (future) puppy, SO and I have decided to get a cat. After several conversations, we thought it best to bring in DC first. DD has been up here about a week and is settling in pretty well, so we've started looking at cats and have found one we really like. We took DD to Petco the other day to look at her, and she seemed really curious about him, but not aggressive. When we took DD away, she was very playful interacting with us. Thursday, we will be meeting her outside of the cage (without DD), and at that time, we will decide whether to bring her home. SO's family gave him some gently used cat items, and my coworker is generously donating things as well, so hopefully expenses won't be too bad.

As previously mentioned, all pet expenses are shared between SO and I and will come out of our joint account.

3 Responses to “Pets are expensive”

  1. klarose Says:

    Yikes, a dog, a puppy, and a new cat all at once. That sounds like a lot of new animals to take on at once. I would probably stick to one at a time, and get each one settled before bringing in another pet. (Coming from the person with 50+ animals. lol)

  2. turning a new leaf Says:

    I feel you! My cats have to eat a special "prescription" cat food that costs double because it's "prescription"... reality is that it's cat food kibble. The pet industry makes so much money. Check out Luv my Pet. They only give vaccinations that cost way less and no "vet visit" fee if you only need to update the vaccine's. They show up at Petco I think or local pet shops.

  3. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    Klarose, I know it seems like a lot (and in truth, it is). The puppy won't be for another couple of months. DD has lived with me before, so his adjustment is relatively quick. However, before he gets too comfortable, I want to bring the cat in so she becomes a natural part of this house to him. She's coming in this weekend, and we probably won't even look at puppies until mid-late summer.

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