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January budget

January 2nd, 2015 at 11:09 am

In keeping up with my goals, here's my projected budget for January:

Joint Account: 1400
BOA Savings: 25
Capital One Savings: 30 (Divvied up through several accounts)
Netflix: 9
Insurance: 87
BOA CC: 175
Navient Student Loans: 155
Target CC: 200
Gas: 110
Food: 25
ACS Loan: 170
Phone: 159
Wells Fargo Loan: 50
Mariner Loan: 100
Chase Freedom CC: 45
Chase Slate CC: 25
NFL Points CC: 40
Amazon CC: 40

Ugghh...all those debts are painful to look at it. In January, I plan to close the Total Rewards and Kohls credit cards (both at 0 balance). BOA and Target will be paid off in full since those accumulate interest. The others will be a slow and steady race.

I also found out where both of my missing checks were, so those will be allocated to the pet fee for our apartment and my new tires. If there's any left, we may go ahead and do the Costco membership.

I also have 0 plans for the money from babysitting, so I plan to throw that straight at the credit cards. It'll be a couple hundred in December and about 400 in January.

Just a note on the food...I gave myself a bit of a budget, but the majority of our food spending will come out of the joint account.

3 Responses to “January budget”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Hope everything works well for you in January

  2. chloe Says:

    Good luck paying off your cards! It sounds like you have a good plan. What else do you pay out of your joint account besides rent and groceries?

  3. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Chloe, we just moved in together, so that's still being finagled. But we're keeping it limited to groceries (including household goods), rent, and utilities (cable, gas, internet, and electricity). We are planning on adopting a second puppy (I already have a dog of my own) and at that point, pet expenses will come out of the joint account as well.

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