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The Final Countdown!

December 1st, 2014 at 09:41 am

Less than a week to go. The spare room in SO's parents' house is completely full with my stuff and the stuff from Black Friday. We did a pretty good job of sticking to our Black Friday plan. An impulse or two did sneak in, but we were pretty in control and minimized or passed over something else to make up for it. Next up is outlining moving day and finalizing clearing out the basement I'm in. I'm not spending any money on food as my lunch is covered all week for my work team and I have enough leftovers from my mom's for dinner every night. I also did have two Craigslist sales.

1 Responses to “The Final Countdown!”

  1. snafu Says:

    Wow! time is flying and you have made huge progress. Hope you were you successful selling the motorcycle jacket and helmet. Moving is a lot of work so I suggest you scribble out a plan for moving day rather than jump from task to demand. Helps if everyone has a job and knows what to do.

    It help a lot to set up the bedrm first, it can be a sanctuary, a spot to sit down, have a quiet moment in chaos on the other areas. We've always packed an '1st to open' box with light bulbs, flashlight, tp, one towel each, toiletries, bottled water, energy/breakfast bars, masking tape, Sharpie and some type of tool set like heavy duty battery operated screw driver and hammer, Command hooks for the trunk of the car. Sheet set & pillow cases in a bureau drawer if you leave drawers intact or in a compression bag in the trunk.

    If you're taking stuff of the walls in current digs, fill the divots with toothpaste. It's safest to lock money, handbag and important papers in the car's glove box or preferred auto location.

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