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Champagne Spills, Free Meals, and Verizon Savings!

November 17th, 2014 at 04:49 pm

What a weekend! SO had a work function and birthday party on Saturday. While he was covering all the costs, it still effects me since we're now an us for certain finances. What I thought was going to be a pretty spend-y Saturday ended up being pretty good. We took chips and dip (12 bucks) to the work function and the birthday party was at a restaurant for dinner. Since SO and I had eaten a lot through the afternoon at the work event, we decided to just split a small pizza and each had one drink. Towards the end of our meal, the waiter was clearing the other side of the table when he accidentally hit the menu knocking it into my glass of champagne which was completely full as I had just topped it off. Fortunately, the majority of it missed me. Unfortunately, the majority hit SO. He ended up speaking to our waitress about getting the champagne removed as I didn't particularly want a second one, but it was still mostly full. To our surprise, the manager then came by and not only offered to take the champagne off, but also to comp SO's meal (our shared pizza). Total cost for dinner? 10 bucks including tip. Poor SO, but that worked out well...

We also signed up for Verizon. What was originally a 134/month estimate is now about 90/month. We decided to go with the basic package, only 1 TV, and no DVR. SO also got us a military discount. We also decided to buy the router outright, so the first 3 months will be an extra 33.33. Plus, a $400 gift card!

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