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Moving Update

November 7th, 2014 at 05:25 pm

Today's lunch is actually going to be out. Since SO and I are moving together, I don't need as much upfront costs as I had thought, plus my coworker just got married, so we're having a girls lunch (my budget is 10, but I'm hoping for 8). And tonight, I go home to see my pup, so no dinner either (maybe some fries to tide me over since I'm not leaving until later).

More importantly, I wanted to give some moving updates. Snafu gave me some great advice, but I wanted to discuss the steps we've taken so far. I have a dedicated moving notebook in which we've already noted the big furniture we're taking with measurements and where I keep an ongoing list of people I'll have to notify of my new address as well as additional moving tasks. I've looked into utilities, but we're not signing up for anything until we can do it together (he's out of town this weekend). Before he left, we did manage to settle renter's insurance (150 for the year paid upfront) and our joint bank account (we went with Flagship Checking at Navy Federal for the dividends). Once he gets back, things will really start rolling. We have to design our apartment, finish the puzzle we're hanging at move-in, and purge/pack, plus utilities and lease signing. All while my work is crazy and his finals are approaching...not to mention, a little thing called the holidays!

2 Responses to “Moving Update”

  1. snafu Says:

    It's imperative that you each retain your own CC, bank/financial accounts as well as a joint account for the shared expenses like rent, utilities, rental insurance, food, non edibles like paper goods and cleaning products. In my experience, it's best to deal with some potential issues by pleasant, quiet, conversation perhaps over coffee at McCafe/Starbucks or small cafe over time. You'll likely have different outlooks but there's lots of room for negotiation/compromise.

    Do you share costs 50/50 or pay based on income percentages? Do major/costly items brought into the relationship remain owned and cared for by their purchaser? Have you two discussed how you'll divy up expenses for new furniture, electronics, kitchen stuff you might need, bath mats, simple tools, mop/Swiffer? Are you both neat, mildly messie or couch potato types? Do you both agree on how repetitive tasks are done, who does what tasks, or just 'hope' the other will do the work? Who is responsible to make sure the bills are paid on time so that there are no late fees or high interest rates? On day one, DH and I agreed neither would spend/charge/commit to an expense over $ 100. . How will SO react to your mom's endless requests for $$$?

    We've been together a really long time and credit nearly written-in-stone routines to avoid 'sweating the small stuff.' For example...we've a list of home 'protocols' ...agree the public rooms need to look 'company ready' nearly 24/7. We've opposite views of money, what it means, how its used, whether it's enough/affordable/should be save/spent...endless conversation...

  2. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    We're definitely having those tough conversations and so far, getting through it really well. He's surprisingly easygoing and perfectly okay letting me take the lead which works because I like having control. We are both keeping our own accounts and we haven't actually set contribution percentages yet because his situation hasn't stabilized yet. Once it does, we'll lay it out more firmly. We've talked about my dog's food not coming out of groceries, but we need to discuss pets more. We'd like to get a dog together, but in my head, I plan to cover all expenses because if something were too happen, I'd want to be able to establish that the dog is mine (I wouldn't be able to stand losing both SO and a beloved pet). We've also discussed chores and have spent a good amount of time at the other's place, so we already kind of know what we're getting into. I do really like the idea of a set amount that we won't go over without mutual discussion.

    I'm so grateful for all your advice and wisdom. It's giving me so much to think about!

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