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Lease Signed

November 3rd, 2014 at 06:41 pm

Well, that was quick! We saw a few more places on Sunday and made a couple of quick, happy decisions. First off, SO will officially be moving in and will be on the lease. Secondly, we chose a place Smile It was the first place we saw on Sunday and as soon as I walked into the last place, I looked over at SO and said, 'The first one it is!' We then went back to the first one to put in the application and put the holding deposit down. We'd encountered a couple of situations during the day where apartments we were interested in had been taken, so we didn't want to risk losing it. Another plus is that the move-in costs are going to be much lower than I had anticipated due to some discounts, so while I will still be strict in November, I may be able to shift some of that budget to Black Friday shopping for stuff we'll need. Exciting times ahead for us and I'm so relieved to have it work out so well, so fast!

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