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Prepping for cheer camp

July 30th, 2014 at 05:36 am

Next week is cheer camp. 14-16 hour days of non-stop cheering. Since I'm coaching, there will be much less energy used, but I'm still going to need to be prepared. We'll need to provide 7 of our own meals that week (4 of which are breakfasts, lunch the first/last day, and dinner the last day). I'm not a big breakfast eater to begin with, so it shouldn't be too bad. Right now, my plan is granola/cereal bars for breakfast and a pb&b sandwich for lunch the first day. The team is eating out lunch/dinner the last day, so I'm budgeting myself 10 for each meal. There is a sale on pretzels and Triscuits, so I plan on a box each with two ziploc baggies, so I can proportion out sizes for the day. I'm also going to get two boxes of fruit snacks since those are already packaged out. I'm going to bring $80 cash - $40 for meals/incidentals and $40 for spending money at the camp store. My goal is to come in under this, but I don't want to feel deprived if there is something that I want to get. I've noticed that if I give myself a spending allowance, I'm much less likely to spend because I end up deciding I can live without it whereas if I know I can't walk out with anything, then I really want everything (and usually end up caving)! Twisted logic, but whatever works...

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