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Second show this past weekend

June 24th, 2014 at 05:44 am

I had my second dance show this past weekend. Again, ended up with a solo. The good news is she made this my last 'training' show, so all shows from here will be at the full $100 rate. I still think they prefer to have someone more experienced with Polynesian technique, so my number of shows will be limited, but it's nice little snowflakes when they do happen Smile

3 Responses to “Second show this past weekend”

  1. snafu Says:

    Congratulations on a major milestone, new professional level, major raise and now full rate Polynesian dancer. I hope you'll talk to HR to re-set your 401K contribution to capture your company's match. You can always increase your contributions when you no longer have sums slipping away to interest.

    I'd like to advocate for setting a budget/spending limit on LV trip to make it special for mom but the others need to make some sacrifices to self support meals, entertainment, and spends. Having limits there should keep you on track to meet your goal of getting the car loan paid off.

    Have you seen the discussion on 'snowballing' debts? The sum free'd up from car loan + dance + most of your new salary increase is applied to the lowest sum owed like Wells Fargo for example. The combined sum from car + $ 50. Wells Fargo snowballs into lowest Sallie Mae and you can count n SA to cheer your every step forward. Just imagine how much debt you can clear in 12 months! You will control your money instead of having future income spent in advance of earnings.

    What do you think?

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Snafu, thanks a bunch!! My 401K is set to auto-increase 2% each year, so that will bring me up to the full match.

    I wish the others could be a little more self-sufficient. Unfortunately, my older brother doesn't work and the younger one is finishing up college (but he is working this summer). I've planned out quite a bit and I think it can be a fairly frugal, but fun-filled vacation. I do have a spending limit in mind, and my Capital One savings is set to auto-deduct the amount needed to get me there by September. Both my mom and I have earned enough MyVegas rewards, and I've earned about $150 in Total Rewards (and still going...). In all honesty, the older one probably won't really spend money outside of food, and I think the younger one will cover his own drinks/clubbing if he chooses to go. I'll have to do a follow-up post on this because while it will still cost money, I think I've done pretty well at maximizing rewards to get us plenty of entertainment Smile I have this whole spreadsheet filled out with our big shows and estimated costs of all meals/gambling/incidentals, etc.

    I have seen the info on snowballing. Once the car was gone, my focus was going to be the personal loan, then the 3rd Dept of Ed loan, and then Wells Fargo. It was a fairly low interest rate compared to my others, but I also like the idea of freeing up that $50 whereas the student loans free up $20-$30ish.

    I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I can't believe how far I've come in just a year, and I can't wait to keep it going!!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Good news! Keep going on your work on being debt free. Like everything it takes work and stick with it ness!

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