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Chasing Vegas Rewards

June 9th, 2014 at 10:05 am

I don't think I've ever posted it here, but I've been trying like crazy to come up with creative ways to make the cost of the Vegas trip sting less. I've been playing MyVegas and Social Rewards to earn rewards. I should be able to redeem three decent rewards through MyVegas and have about $40-$60 in Total Rewards credits.

Additionally, I've added two credit cards: Chase Freedom ($100 reward) and Total Rewards Visa ($100 reward and 2 buffet of buffet passes).

Chase Freedom recently upped their $100 reward to $200, so I emailed and they were nice enough to honor the better offer. The Total Rewards Visa sent me two high roller passes instead of the buffet of buffets, but when I had applied, that was the offer, so I have to email them and ask if they will honor that.

I think all of this will allow me to cover food (and some activities) for the four of us, so that leaves the hotel and shows. My mom recently looked into her credit card rewards (which she's never used). She's accumulated some 60000. There are some hotels available for the week for 35000, but I'm leaning towards shelling out for the hotel and using her points solely for activities.

Any ideas for cheap lodging / activities in Vegas?

2 Responses to “Chasing Vegas Rewards”

  1. snafu Says:

    Are you watching the on-line offers hotwire.com. hotels.com trivago.com, for example? Looking at remarks on traveladvisor.com reviews by individuals can help steer you away from poor choices. When it comes to accommodations price is only one factor, bed bug infestations, bad room location, dirty room, bad hotel location etc. wreck a holiday.

    We found it cost less to decide which entertainers in big show rooms we wanted to see and bought tickets in advance, on-line. There is a risk as the entertainer was hospitalized. While the seller automatically refunded the money, our 2nd choice was regular price and as a 2nd we thought it too expensive. We spent that evening watching the entertainers on the Freemont Strip and daring each other to fly the zipline

  2. jp Says:

    once you get there, flip through a copy of the local news papers (henderson home news, las vegas sun, etc.) they often have many two-for-one coupons (doesn't even need to be the sunday paper). also check out http://cashonlyliving.blogspot.com/ she recently moved to vegas, and she has tons of lists of things to do (you could probably contact her to ask specific questions)

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