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How I spent my Memorial Day

May 27th, 2014 at 11:49 am

Remember those 'How I spent my summer' presentations we always had to do the first week back at school. This one won't be nearly as interesting. About a month ago, I took my dog to the pet expo like I do every year. They were having a raffle, so I put my name in. Imagine my surprise when I actually 'won'!Turns out, it wasn't a real raffle, but one of those timeshare presentations. So today, I had to sit through 90 minutes of a timeshare sell. I was upfront with them and let them know that I could not afford it and would not be swayed, but that I'd politely listen to their offer and keep it in mind for the day when I am in a financial position to even consider it. For my time, I got $125 gift card, 2 $25 gift cards to Tropical Smoothie, and a voucher for a follow-up stay. Not a terrible deal. From there, I drove my brother down to his girlfriend's place. And then sat in ridiculous traffic on the way home. I finally made it to the last highway stretch when BAM! dead stop. I immediately switched to the parallel road and started flying home....

And then I saw the sirens. I was so tired by that point that I didn't even bother to fight it. I told him to just write the ticket fast, so I could continue on my way. He marked it as speeding rather than reckless, and since I have 5 years of fantastic driving, I'll still be positive in points. The fine sucks, but I took the risk and got caught. Oh well...

On the positive side, my aunt and uncle had a cookout, so I got some delicious chicken and filipino barbecue Smile

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    A ticket is a quick way to remind you to follow the rules and hold on tight to that hard earned money!

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