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MyVegas Rewards

May 16th, 2014 at 12:50 pm


Text is this and Link is http://debt-freebythir-ty.savingadvice.com/2014/05/14/a-big-decision_108897/
this happened earlier in the week. Now I'm faced with a new goal of saving for an efficient, but fun vacation. Looking Forward mentioned something called MyVegas. I looked it up and now I'm hooked. Basically, you play slots for the the chance to earn real rewards like buffets, show tickets, and yes, even comped rooms. I'm hoping to be able to use these rewards by my trip to help defray the cost. Even three rewards at $40 each will save me $120. I'm also trying to get my family to play as each person can only redeem three rewards, but so far they haven't shown much interest in it.

Added bonus: by the time, I actually make it to Vegas, I will probably be all gambled out...

2 Responses to “MyVegas Rewards”

  1. korihor69 Says:

    Being a little jealous of your planned trip has now motivated me to take a little trip to our local watering hole (casino) to give it a whirl. I don't gamble online since I worked in high tech prior to now. I understand how it can be controlled. I like the actual picking the dice up and chucking it down the table. I hope you have fun and win many points towards your trip. Take advantage of the comps, they are there. My move out of my home state located me further away from Mecca so it's no longer an eight hour auto trip. I might have to fly!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Let us know how well the points work out.
    Hope you earn loads of freebies! Smile

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