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Not much going on

April 18th, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Haven't made too much additional de-cluttering progress. I did find two more batches of magazines cleaning up last weekend, so I'm bringing those home for my upcoming 3 day weekend. De-cluttering and organizing stands at:

Switch out winter shoes (Done)
Switch out winter clothes
Donate unused clothing to trim down clothing collection
Break budget down further/set up maintenance accounts (90% Done - just have to actually set up the accounts)
Clean up work emails (Done and inbox is still on 1 pg)
Clean up/organize work computer documents (In progress)
Clean car (Done)
Cash out change bank (Hellooo snowflake!)
Organize makeup and throw out old makeup
Read all fashion magazines or get rid of them (50% Done)
Freecycle things I haven't touched in months (Done)
Identify 3 items to list on Ebay (Still searching...)
Organize cheer goodies box (Done)

I haven't done an actual financial update in a bit, and payday is next Tuesday, so I'll update my totals after that.

Happy Friday!!

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