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Breaking Down the Numbers

March 20th, 2014 at 06:58 am

I'm floored by the positivity here (in a great way)! Yesterday, I went out to get batteries for our belated company anniversary/St. Patty's Day party (we had light-up shamrock necklaces). The CVS was right next to Chipotle and I really could have gone for some chips and guac (after all, they're running out Wink). Then I remembered that I'd just started this blog and I realized even that 4 bucks means something, so I passed chipotle and went on my way.

Now to the numbers:
Car - 9210.13
Sallie Mae 1 - 2795.17
Sallie Mae 2 - 4812.15
Sallie Mae 3 - 2743.51
Sallie Mae 4 - 2682.50
Sallie Mae 5 - 4737.77
Sallie Mae 6 - 2971.46
Dept of Ed 1 - 6062.53
Dept of Ed 3 - 2156.42
ACS Education Loan - 10568.17
Wells Fargo Loan - 2521.39
Personal Loan - 3438.81
BOA Credit Card - 0
Kohls CC - 0
Target CC - 0

Emergency Fund - ~500

Told you I've been good with the cards Smile

My income comes to 2696/month and my current expenses total 1128 not counting food/gas. I'll go into detail next post about expenses because I know that I can cut back even more.

For 2014, I set 3 goals:
- Pay off my car
- Pay off the Personal Loan
- Bring my emergency fund up to 2000

What are your 2014 financial goals? Are you on track to achieve them?

7 Responses to “Breaking Down the Numbers”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    In addition to funding retirement and college, we are paying down nearly $14K in mortgage principal. And yes, we are on track!

    It looks like you have extra income to apply to those debts. That is awesome!! You will do great.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Are you paying minimums on all the education loans or are they in deferment?

  3. snafu Says:

    Good job clearing CCs and keeping the balance $ 0. Good on you for realizing there are spending temptations every day on every street and passing on Chipotle for your good health, waistline and spending, triple 'Atta girl' cheer. Am I correct in guessing $ 40,000. of debt listed reflects Student Loans? Setting goals to pay off car and personal loan is important, are you ok listing interest rates?

  4. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    creditcardfree: That's awesome! A house is way down the line for me. I have lots of extra money because my housing situation is unique (I'll delve into that later).

    CB in the City: I'm paying minimum on all of them. I did the graduated repayment, so I'd have more to throw at the car, so all told it's 145/month. You may have noticed Dept. of Ed 2 is missing. That one's paid! It had a $250 balance, so I put my tax refund to it, so I'd feel extra motivated seeing something drop off Smile
    snafu: It's about 42000, the Wells Fargo loan is also school. I did luck out though. I chose to go to a 50,000/year school, so all told I only financed about 1 year despite having no familial assistance. I most certainly am...although they're mortifying in some instances. Moving forward, I'll include them inline with the posts, but just to give you an idea: the car is 18.99, the Sallie Mae/Dept of Ed loans go from 2.35-6.8, ACS is 5, WF is 5.65, and the personal loan is 18.

  5. Kiki Says:

    What are the interest rates?

    You mention your expenses come to about $1200 what does your budget look like? Would you like mine which is set up as an excel spreadsheet and auto calculates? May jog your memory on an expense or two you don't have listed.

    How do you pay/save for car repairs and insurance? Do you pay once a year or monthly on insurance costs?
    Pwrsonal care spending? Memberships monthly or save all year and pay once a month?

  6. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    Hi Kiki!

    The interest rates are in the comment above yours. My budget is pretty basic. It contains only the stuff I pay regularly each month. I haven't yet expanded it to include yearly things broken down. I would love to see what you use and if it can be helpful to me.

    Right now, I don't really save for repairs/maintenance. I just write them into the budget for the month when I know I need it (for instance, I'll need an oil change in April, so I'll update my budget when I review it on the first to account for it). My insurance is monthly. I want to be able to prepay it for 6 months or a year and save some money, but I don't plan to start saving for that until after my car is paid off.

    I usually give myself 110/pay period for spending - 50 for food/fun and 60/gas. But I try not to be too strict with it as other things sometimes push me over (dog food for example). The only real entertainment spending (I guessed that's what you meant by memberships...) that I have are the gym (30/month) and Netflix (9/month). I know some people may give me flak for having a gym membership, but I go 2-3 times/week and I am fortunate enough to not pay rent, so I figure my health is worth it.

  7. http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/what-quality-thesis-revision-means-to-us/ Says:

    The similar actions with the numbers bring you closer to realizing your own goals. This can be useful for implementing the new projects and acquiring the desired things.

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