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Back at work (and other goings-on)

May 30th, 2019 at 05:38 am

Today is my first day back in the office. I started work on Tuesday and have worked out an in-office/telecommuting schedule with my company. My brother (the one who hasn't worked in years) will watch the baby while I work. I give him a small monthly payment in addition to him living with us. Plus, he has a part-time position working security at a concert venue. It works out since it's mostly nights and weekends.

Financially, we've had both successes and failures these past few months. Some of the wins include paying off the personal loan that I'd taken out to help my mom and transferring part of my remaining cc debt to an interest-free card. I now have 2 credit cards with small interest-free balances that I set aside the appropriate amount to have paid off in time (one should actually finish next month). Additionally, we've been saving a bit towards the new car and DH's goal. I'd been planning a 30th birthday Disney extravaganza to see the new Star Wars land and have some much needed together time with just us. However, once our son arrived, it really hit DH hard how much he was missing, so he asked if he could instead take advantage of the 90 day grace period that the military provides upon deployment return and be a stay-at-home dad for a bit. Long-term, we definitely need both incomes, but if we forgo the trip, we could get by with mine. So far, we have $1600 set aside to put towards the car and $600 set aside for DH's leave. I don't really have concrete goals for these, but I'm thinking that I should set numbers to help me stay on track. One last big win is that other than 2-3 newborn packs, I have yet to buy diapers and don't foresee the need for a bit. DS is now in size 1's, and we still have 2 packs of those. By the time they're gone (and maybe earlier), he'll be in 2's. We already had 2 boxes of those, and my friend just gave me another box of them as well.

In the financial failures category, the big one is eating out. In May alone, I spent $230 eating out. While my son is fairly easy, I'm struggling with accepting that I can no longer do things on my own time. I don't need much sleep, but the fact that I can't go to bed whenever I choose bothers me. I've always turned to food for comfort, so whenever I'm running an errand or feeling overwhelmed, I go for the easy solution with the rationalization that I should 'treat myself' for handling this 'single' mom thing like a champ. I think the mentality is reasonable, but I definitely need to limit it. My goal is to set a $100 budget for June and stick to it at all costs! The other failures include owing for taxes and not saving as much towards our goals as I'd like.

I am super grateful that despite the lack of saved funds, we made it through my leave without much of a hit.